Over the past 10 years, Mike Fagel and I have both taught a 2-day Homeland Security course on campus emergency planning.  We have been together on the same team several times a year, and I have gotten to know Mike well, both professionally and socially.  Mike is an outstanding team player who is committed to providing his best effort in any undertaking.  His broad range of experiences in emergency management means that he can share cogent examples in many areas during his teaching, and his lecture style is engaging.  The course we often share covers planning, training, risk assessment, coordinated response, and many other subjects, and Mike is comfortable with all of it.  In addition to having first-hand familiarity with his teaching, I have read his writings, and they are clear, concise, and full of practical examples that are valuable to the reader.

– Dr. Frank K. Cartledge, Class of 1941 Alumni Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, Louisiana State University

I have known Dr. Fagel for over 35 years in numerous capacities including safety director, board member, VPP program director, educator and professor, training in safety and emergency management and as a safety consultant. Dr. Fagel  possesses vast knowledge of the fields of occupational safety and emergency management and has been in the forefront of preparing organizations to meet and achieve proven results in safeguarding their employees and companies. Dr. Fagel has experience and expertise at all levels from the operational level through the boardroom and has been on the ground in many events including responding to 911 to Katrina.  

– Tom Schneid, Chair – Deparment of Safety & Security, School of Safety, Security and Emergency Management

Dr. Mike Fagel is an internationally recognized expert in the emergency management and occupational safety and health professions, and is an extraordinary conveyor of his profound knowledge to those with whom he serves, as well as those with whom he works.  He is an exemplary mentor and teacher, a meta-leader (leader of leaders) able to work across the spectrum of cultures and professional communities.  I have had the honor and privilege of working with Mike on numerous local-, national-, and international-level security, safety, and emergency management programs, including those within private industry.  These experiences include co-developing and co-instructing several courses for career professionals and graduate students, and co-developing a national crisis and emergency management agency for a Middle Eastern strategic ally of the United States.  The numerous publications Mike has either written or edited are described by homeland security and emergency management experts as “must haves” for professionals within those noble endeavors.  During my extensive work with Mike, I have found him to be a consummate professional, setting and upholding the highest levels of academic and professional standards when conducting operations and developing products. 

– J. Howard Murphy, MBA, MSS, FAcEM, CEM, NRP Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Emergency Services Management Assistant Professor Anderson University School of Public Service & Administration

Mike’s vision of emergency management is unique, encompassing the full spectrum of the emergency management cycle. Not tied to any one ideal or thought process, Mike uses his experience as a guide, with current policy directives and best practices closely by his side. When I have worked with Mike, he always asks if there is a better way, or more efficient way to complete a project, or design an exercise. And when there’s not, he works relentlessly to improve current processes to make them better.

Mike is someone you can depend on. The breath of his knowledge base in the area of disaster management and emergency operations is significant. We have been associated many years and worked on many complex and interesting projects both nationally and internationally. Mike is articulate about assisting clients and students in understanding concepts. His ability to size up a project and attention to detail make him a standout in the field of emergency management. I would recommend him without hesitation. If you have a complex project or need to understand how to serve your clients better Mike is the person you should call.