Safety Training & Education

School Security: Are we able to provide a safe and secure environment?

We have watched with horror the increasingly more frequent news of violence at establishments we once thought “safe” from wanton violence. One must just scan the news to see that no place is immune from any type of random act that injures or kills innocent people. Be it a school, university, movie theater, retail mall, office building; let’s look at a few basic elements.
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Comprehensive Safety Training & Education

Safety in the workplace is critically important for the people and their families at your worksite, as well as to the customers we serve. Workplace safety and health influences your company culture; employee lives, morale and productivity.

Aurora Safety specializes in workplace safety training and education that help you enhance personal security and help to mitigate dangerous, disruptive and costly incidents. With decades of front-line, hands-on experience, we help to train and educate you and your staff how to observe, practice and understand correct safety procedures.

Our safety training and education integrate proven programs; engaging, interactive content; and adult learning technologies to fortify and improve safety awareness and behaviors.

We help you to assess your risk and vulnerability and assist in reinforcing your security in a range of vital areas including:

  • accident prevention
  • crisis management
  • loss control
  • OSHA compliance
  • hazardous materials (HAZ MAT)
  • emergency planning
  • labor laws as they relate to safety and health in the workplace
  • workplace violence prevention and immediate actions
  • safety-plan communication and implementation
  • active shooter prevention

Aurora Safety also provides your management team with onsite safety inspection including customized audits that help address your occupational concerns. An audit may help to identify any safety hazards or program flaws that could result in a safety incident or regulatory violation. It can further provide you the steps to address them right away.

Our safety training, education and inspection promote a workplace where management and staff can excel at their tasks with minimal personal and organizational risk.

Safety Training & Education: Mike Fagel Qualifying Experience

  • Corporate Risk Manager, Aurora Packing Company | 1975-2015
  • Safety Manager
  • OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Manager at 5 worksites | 1979-2015
  • Argonne National Laboratory Field Trainer | 2003-Present
  • Instructor, National Center for Biomedical Research & Training at LSU
  • Instructor, National Center for Security & Preparedness | 2007-Present

Safety Training & Education: Mike Fagel Qualifying Credentials & Licenses

  • Certified Emergency Manager (lifetime)
  • Certified Hazard Control Manager #2256
  • Certified Emergency Healthcare Professional #0121
  • Certified Emergency Disaster Professional #0029
  • World Safety Organization – WSO-Certified Safety Executive
  • Certified Safety & Security Director
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Supervisor
  • Certified Government Environmental Officer
  • Certified Government Safety Officer
  • Certified Safety Instructor, Master Level
  • Certified Firefighter
  • Certified Emergency Medical Technician-Instructor

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Partnering with our safety team members is pivotal to the security and vitality of your business or organization. Call us at (630) 907-2020 or after hours at (630) 234-6611 to further discuss our experience and qualifications for workplace safety training, education and inspection, including specialization in accident prevention and crisis management.